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Our legal monitoring service

This solution is in line with sequal’s core business, which is the support of its customers in the implementation of best practices in terms of information security, based on the ISO 27001 standard. Indeed, this standard devotes an entire chapter to compliance, in point A.18 of its annex A: compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

Through this solution, sequal’s objective is to ensure that its customers remain informed of legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential and even doctrinal evolutions. By thinking upstream about the rules that will be applicable to it in the future, your company will gain legitimacy and will protect itself from possible deficiencies or sanctions that could be pronounced by the competent authorities. Moreover, legal developments are not only risks and obligations for your company, but can also be opportunities.

2 levels of legal monitoring

General legal monitoring

Any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential or doctrinal evolution concerning any Swiss company: labor law, social insurance, tax law, intellectual property law, LPD, RGPD, etc.

CHF 49.00/month

Special legal monitoring

Any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential or even doctrinal evolution in one or several fields that you would like to follow, with the possibility of issuing a legal opinion: FINMA circulars, medical law, lease law, foreign law, etc.

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How do you receive this information?

By means of a newsletter, you will regularly receive any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential or even doctrinal developments, depending on the level of legal monitoring to which you have subscribed.

All sequal customers with an ISO 27001 information security management contract automatically benefit from the general legal monitoring service.

The sequal legal team

David Trajilovic is a member of the Vaud Bar and a practicing lawyer. His mission is to lead our legal monitoring activities. He is supported by our lawyers Adam Feriani and Mahandry Rambinintsoa.

Me David Trajilovic


Mahandry Rambinintsoa

Master in Law & Economics

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