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A necessity for the cyber-awareness of your users!

The Swiss platform for phishing campaigns

sequal phishing is a Swiss SaaS (Software as a Service) platform, designed for companies, and more particularly for their information security managers (CISO, DPO, etc.), so that they can test their users against malicious emails. Indeed, information security is above all a human endeavor when we know that nearly 85% of successful computer attacks are due to error, inattention or a lack of user awareness.

This solution is in line with sequal’s core business, which is to accompany its customers in the implementation of best practices in terms of information security, based on the ISO 27001 standard. Indeed, requirement 7.3 and point A.7.2.2 of Annex A of this standard speak of “Awareness, learning about information security”.

Phishing remains the number one entry point for cybercriminals!

What can be the consequences of clicking on a malicious link or downloading a malicious attachment?

Data encrypted by ransomware or ransomware

Data exfiltration

Theft of the different accesses

Espionage (industrial)

Financial scams

Some figures on phishing

More than 80% of computer attacks use phishing

More than 90% of users would not be able to detect a sophisticated phishing email

More than 40% of these attacks are president scams (impersonation of leadership positions)

The average cost of a successful phishing attack is about 5% of a company’s revenue

Use sequal phishing in 3 steps

Register your company on sequal phishing

After validation of your account within 48 hours, launch your first phishing campaign

Receive and review your phishing campaign report

You also have the possibility to host the platform on premise!

Working together to raise awareness about phishing

The sequal phishing platform offers you the possibility to create your own phishing emails.
You can let other users benefit from your templates and use theirs as well!

Annual license prices

(cost depending on the number of users)

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