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A necessity in the face of RGPD fines

sequal web, the assurance of compliance and security of your website

This solution is in line with sequal’s core business, which is the support of its customers in the implementation of best practices in terms of information security, based on the ISO 27001 standard. Indeed, point A.18.1.4 of Annex A of this standard concerns the “Protection of privacy and personal data”. Indeed, when your website is publicly accessible, the personal data of the visitors are collected.

Through this solution, sequal aims to help its customers to ensure their compliance with the laws governing the public availability of websites. Furthermore, a publicly available website is exposed to various computer attacks, which can make it unavailable or out of control. For this reason, sequal has established a list of about ten security controls allowing you to guarantee the security of your website and thus, of the personal data collected on it.

Because of its public accessibility, your website’s compliance and security provides insight into your overall level of compliance and security. Maintain your organization’s reputation by commissioning a compliance audit and program.

What do you risk in the event of non-compliance or safety deficiencies?

RGPD penalties: fine up to €20 million or up to 4% of annual worldwide turnover;

Penalties related to the new Federal Law on Data Protection: fine up to CHF 250'000;

Computer attacks: unavailability and/or loss of control and data;

Reputational risks: sanctions can be made public and certain non-compliances or security deficiencies can also be seen directly, for example, the presence of the mention "Not secure".

What are the compliance and safety issues
that we analyze?

Obtaining valid consent from the visitor before collecting any data;

Use and configuration of RGPD compliant tools;

Existence and content of Privacy Policy and Legal Notice;

Usual IT security measures: access management, server configuration, backup management and testing, etc.

Comment nous vous aidons concrètement ?

You order a compliance and safety audit 

We deliver a report with all the necessary resources


If you do not have in-house resources, we implement the measures listed in our audit report

The sequal web team

sequal web is a solution that has been set up by our Compliance and Website Security Manager, Delia Halfaoui and our CEO, Mahandry Rambinintsoa . They will be your contact persons and are looking forward to accompany you in the compliance and security of your website

Délia Halfaoui

Mahandry Rambinintsoa

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